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I was always the fifth Beatle.
Later, I became David Bowie’s alter ego’s alter ego. Both existed in my head and heart. In music I met the likes of Freddie Mercury ( arguably the finest rock voice ever),  Mick Jagger, Bono , Steve Winwood , Kate Bush, Dave Gahan et al. Lennon and Bowie inspired me to write , as a journalist  and  as a copywriter. One caressed the ego, the other embellished the bank account.

Literature is my other seductive lover. T S Eliot, Dick Francis, Somerset Maugham, John Cheever , Ian McEwan…now Amitav Ghosh, Ashwin Sanghi, Devdutt Pattnaik. Thank you all, you make it happen.

Being a radio host since the inception of FM in India since the mid 1990s has been an undiluted pleasure. The joy of sharing my musical discoveries with over a million listeners! The curiosity of interviewing live, global achievers, movers and shakers.

To continue doing the same to a whole new generation. What must it be like for someone to hear a Beatles or Queen song for the very first time?!

Other learnings. Years of creating advertising for the Taj Group of Hotels, Raymond, Coca-Cola et al. Gleanings about luxury that aided me later as Brand ambassador for Chivas Regal and then, Johnny Walker.

Simultaneously the honour of being appointed Tourism Ambassador of South Australia, home to Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Fleurieu Peninsula and the Barossa Valley where the world’s finest wines are made. And the wonder that seven young minds (whose education I sponsor) bring to me on an ongoing daily basis for the past decade.They teach me about life, without even knowing it. What a blessing.

For three decades, I have been a freelance journalist on varied subjects like music, travel , food and wine for esteemed  publications like Times of India, Economic Times, Bombay Times, Verve, Mans World and many others.

Travel continues to broaden my mind and deepen my gratitude for all kinds of offerings on my plate and palate. Chanting privately at home and publicly in The Krishna Mandir at Chowpatty has been equally instructional.

Its one life and its’ my life. In recent years I have endeavoured to live it so that others remember me for the difference I made to theirs. Its more satisfying than the name and fame that occupied me for far too long. Here, I share as much of my life as I can in the various pages. A last thought: Those who dance, were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the Music. Lucky, blessed me.

I welcome you dear reader to my world.



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